New Website On Final Approach

January 27, 2021AAL001 - Torrance Hollins

Experience – One of the key core values of the vAAirlines foundation is aimed directly at ensuring that we, as a team, provide the most immersive experience for our members. We have spent months working on a whole new website design that focuses on improvements in the overall UI by making your experience more clean, direct, and more smooth while also removing some limitations of the older code on the current website. The new website also features upgrades to key website features that will help to improve your ability to easily get involved.

This new website will be a breath of fresh air moving forward towards some of the big goals that we have set for 2021. The current website will be taken down starting tomorrow, 28JAN21, with scheduled website downtime beginning at 2200 Central (29JAN21 0400z) and lasting for a maximum of 4 hours. During this time we will be migrating to the new code which may break a few of the website functions while we clean everything up and reconnect everything. Please refrain from posting bugs during this time as we will be working through every page to ensure functionality with the “live website”. As always, after we complete the migration and the scheduled downtime is over, please feel free to report any bugs or abnormalities to us so we can quickly correct them!

Thank you all for your help in making our organization a great one, and we could not be more excited about the amazing things that we have set up for you all in 2021!

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