CTP and CAT Free Again!

April 8, 2021AAL001 - Torrance Hollins

It is already that time of year again as VATSIM begins putting together the final pieces of this year’s Cross the Pond Westbound event. The airfields have been selected and the lottery is officially open for you to submit your requests for a route. VP of Flight Operations, JP, completed a schedule update last night that brings our schedules to the true April 2021 schedules and will include the following flights for you to be able to fly on 24APR21 for this event!

2021 Cross the Pond Westbound available vAAirlines flights.

Get those lottery entries in as soon as possible and keep your fingers crossed for some extra luck heading into the last few days of the booking availability period. Bookings close on 13APR21 and the event takes place on 24APR21. For more information on the event and to book a slot, head on over to ctp.vatsim.net for more information!

CAT Free Once Again!

To celebrate this event, and to allow all vAAirlines pilots to participate who are able to secure a booking, we have decided to make a CAT Free period for all pilots beginning 16APR21 at 1200 CDT and ending on 03MAY21 at 0900 CDT. During this timeframe all pilots may fly any aircraft in the system regardless of their current rank including, but not limited to, repositioning flights for the CTP event or the CTP event itself! Flights being conducted outside of your rank must be completed by 0900 CDT on 03MAY21 when we return to normal ops to be accepted if you are flying above your current rank’s aircraft category. Please also keep in mind that VATSIM has asked for users to not participate in crossing the pond on 24APR21 unless you have received a confirmed booking to avoid too much traffic over the ocean.

No Booking? No Problem!

Unable to secure a booking for the event? No problem! We will have a backup event posted on our website for pilots who would still like to enjoy the heavies on that day but avoid the event traffic of flying over the Atlantic. Check on our website for more information about this event!

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