Happy Holidays from vAAirlines

December 26, 2023AAL001 - Torrance Hollins

As we continue on through the holiday season and approach the finale of 2023, we wanted to take a moment to wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and continued greetings of the season to you and your families into the new year!

We’ve been hard at work the second half of this year on some major changes to our web technology and overall operation that will streamline both how we are able to more efficiently run the airline but, more importantly, streamline your workflow with all of the things a website hub should provide to pilots to ensure that your experience is truly top notch. A few weeks ago we teased that we would have some information and previews of the new updates for you “over the next six weeks” and I am pleased to begin to do so! This update will be more focused on description with just a few previews, but as we continue through the beta and release timelines we will be sharing more and more.

We have redesigned your portal to now provide everything that you need in a well designed and strategically thought out hub. Instead of just one main page with a few sub pages, you will now have an entire portal that gives you information such as specific tail number tracking, usage, and maintenance statuses, more in depth PIREP information and tracking that allows us to bring checkrides in house while also opening the door for various events/challenges, as well as more overall statistics for each user viewable in various improved areas of the website pilot portal. You can see a few images of these below but please keep in mind that while they are mostly complete, they are still a work in progress and will be subject to change before we go live.

Some other improvements include;
– Improved interface bringing our websites up to current coding and web hosting standards.
– Direct integration with our new forums, discord, and the new flight academy allowing you to utilize the same login for the forums and flight academy while also directly linking your discord for special permissions.
– New ACARS system that will streamline your booking to flight progression making it easy to get your flight picked out, bid on, briefing packet created, and then dispatched to the ACARS with a single click of a button to load all of it to the ACARS.
– Improved dispatching/SimBrief integration allowing you to have more control over your flight plan packets or allow the system to create a realistic one for you.
– Bidding and advanced flight search capabilities directly on the website shifting the focus from bidding in the ACARS to bidding utilizing the new tools.
– Automatically be awarded a monthly schedule that is optional to fly allowing you to explore some new places that may not have been on your list.

There are so many more features and integrations that will be arriving with this new system and we can not wait to continue to show it off along with a few more operational additions that will bring some excitement to our day to day flying. In the first few weeks of January we will be getting together to nail down our projected beta timeline, how we will select our few beta testers, and then make the rough outline for our expected release. Once we have that drawn out I will be back with a few more previews as well as our projections for the events I mentioned above.

Thank you all for the support, memories, and for putting us in a prime position to make 2024 absolutely amazing. I’ll be back soon with the end of the year statistics and overall numbers, but in the meantime, enjoy some more time with family, friends, and once again a very Merry Christmas to those who celebrate and Happy Holidays to all!

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