Extreme Flight Simulation Partnership

September 15, 2020AAL001 - Torrance Hollins

vAAirlines is proud and extremely excited to announce a new joint venture with Extreme Flight Simulation, Inc. based in Gurnee, Illinois. This new partnership will allow active members of vAAirlines in good standing to have access to a 1/1 scale Boeing 737-800 NG simulator at special rates created specifically for the airline.

“One of our three core values is to create an experience that allows our members to get a taste of what it would be like to fly for a real world 121 airline. We have put a lot of effort into creating that unique experience with a platform to allow our members to grow while gaining experience that will not only provide a much more valuable simulation experience, but will also translate into real-world skills and knowledge in a potential real world aviation career. Extreme Flight Simulation provides an experience and partnership that has not been seen before by any other virtual airline, and we could not be more excited to provide our members with yet another tool for their success and enjoyment.” stated vAAirlines CEO Torrance Hollins.

Extreme Flight Simulation houses an amazing 1/1 scale Boeing 737-800 NG simulator that accurately simulates all of the aircraft systems with original aircraft parts creating a simulation that is “as real as it gets”. This is the first and only Chicago based company specializing in flight simulation to open its doors to the general public. Created by a real-world Boeing 737 pilot, the Extreme Flight Simulation team consists of amazing and knowledgeable instructors who are focused on creating the most realistic and rewarding flight simulation experience for their customers.

Extreme Flight Simulation has offered to allow vAAirlines to access its simulator for a special rate created specifically for the airline allowing users to hop in to the simulator with the basic setup being provided by the EFS instructors, select the vAAirlines route, and go fly on the VATSIM network which allows members to gain credit for the flight regardless of their rank within the airline.

The normal hourly rate for this simulator is $129 per hour, but Extreme Flight Simulation has offered special pricing to vAAirlines members of $90 per hour for 1-2 hours, $80 per hour for 2-4 hours, and only $75 per hour for 4+ hours.

The addition of this partnership highlights the commitment to creating the most realistic experience by both Extreme Flight Simulation and vAAirlines. The team at vAAirlines is very excited to see our members begin to utilize this partnership while advancing their careers with us and adding an entirely new dimension to what it means to be a virtual airline pilot.

Check out Extreme Flight Simulation by clicking here (extremeflightsimulation.com).

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