Almost 1 Month In – Staff/Events

July 8, 2020AAL001 - Torrance Hollins

vAAirlines has been steadily growing after one month of operations and has some exciting things to share as we continue through the summer heat. Over the past month we have been able to expand our Staff Team with some amazing individuals who have already made some amazing strides in their positions to help make vAAirlines an even better place.

Senior Vice President/Chief Operations Officer Alex Brown is a Transportation Specialist living near RDU. Alex brings a high level of experience to the Senior Executive Staff Team that reaches back deep into his history of flight simulation as well as with virtual airline management.

Vice President of Flight Operations Jorge OConnor is an ATM Engineer who resides near FIT. Jorge joined the team recently after receiving very high recommendations and has already shown that his scheduling expertise will help to bring our realism to the next level.

Vice President of Training Gavin Blanchette is a Student who lives near BNA airport and has just recently solo’d his first aircraft on his journey towards the flight deck. Gavin has overhauled the entire training program since starting in this role and has created an amazing training environment to ensure our promotions go as smoothly as possible.

Group II Chief Pilot Jason McMahon is an Aircraft Dispatcher who resides near MIA. Jason brings years of both real world aviation as well as flight simulation experience to the table and played a vital role in assisting with the initial development and testing of the vAAirlines system as a beta tester.

Group III Chief Pilot Michael Meilinger is a Ramp Agent who lives near the IND airport. Michael brings a lot of real world experience to the table with his leadership roles in aviation as well as his pursuit of his flight deck dreams as well.

We also have another few applications in the queue for interviews and will be hoping to round out the entire team shortly! One position that we are actively still seeking applicants for is our Director of Marketing position. For more information regarding what that position entails please click here.


We have begun to populate the events portion of the website with upcoming VATSIM group flights. Signups are optional and the event descriptions will let you know where the vAAirlines group flight is planned to/from as well as the departure time. We encourage all of our members to hop on the TeamSpeak and not only get to know each other, but to also take part in these awesome VATSIM events. To find out more information about these events simply navigate to Operations > Airline Ops > Airline Events on the main website.

We look forward to continuing to grow with you all as an airline and, more importantly, as a community in the weeks and the months ahead. We have some cool new features that are being implemented on the back end of things that will begin to pop up over the next month that will help diversify your experience with us here. Thank you for choosing vAAirlines for your vCareer!

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