Official Grand Opening Date Set

May 18, 2020AAL001 - Torrance Hollins

Two months ago, vAAirlines began a soft release beta test of it’s operations to a small group of applicants. During this time, we have continued to make website updates, policy and procedure updates, as well as overall operational changes to give the best virtual simulate of the real-world American Airlines.

vAAirlines is pleased to announce that an official opening date has been set for all public operations. The date of opening is set as 14 June 2020 at 1200 Central Time/1700 Zulu.

vAAirlines is a dedicated team of professionals who’s experience stems from operating for the real world American Airlines Group. We began work on this project in the fall of 2019 with a vision to create a virtual airline community based on a very realistic model of the airline operations centered around American Airlines while providing a fresh take on it’s virtual simulate. With so many other virtual airlines listed as competitors, we knew that we would need to provide something very different from the others to ensure our vision of providing the very best experience for our users. We have spent months preparing a unique experience that is set up to sustain long term success and growth. vAAirlines highlights key differences in our operation which are centered around three key principles which includes Freedom, Experience, and Progression. These principles are the foundation upon which our core values were established to ensure the very best experience for our members as we strive to create an amazing community of aviation enthusiasts.

Freedom – It should be your choice to fly online with any network and the real world flight numbers or offline with or without your own AI packages, so it is. Experience – We believe in putting out our stats, policies, and your accomplishments on display. Our responsive team means you get answers, not ticket numbers. Progression – No “pay to play” of any kind. Our ranks are earned through both experience and knowledge with help from our revolutionary Check Airman program.

While our pilot position application window will not be open until 14 June 2020, our staff application window has already been opened for our internal beta testers, and is now live to the general public for well qualified and experienced members of the community.

We are very excited to bring our new brand to you all as a foundation for what we will build into an amazing community as we continue to grow.

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to having you on board with us very soon! Welcome to vAAirlines, an American Virtual Airline.

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